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Usefulness of Life Length Test, Nutrition and Telomere Lengthening

August 1, 2012

Dear Patient,

Since I sent you my telomere length test results showing my biological age of 33, many of you have asked me to explain the value of doing such a test other than finding out your own biological age now through your DNA.
I have decided to put the answers in a letter because it is an important concept to understand in reversing and controlling one’s aging process.


1.) Now that we have proof that our program actually extends life expectancy, how many years have you succeeded in extending your life span? At the minimum, the number of years you have reversed your biological age is the minimum number of years you have extended your life span. Only the telomere length test can tell that.

2.) If you took the test as soon as you began our anti-aging/longevity program, and then repeat the test at some future point, the result of the test showing you the number of years you have “reversed” would tell you if the program is working for you or not. If not, you can investigate and discover the cause that made the program not work for you. (Exposure to environmental poisons is one, sleep apnea is another).

3.) By taking the test at point A and then at point B, you can also find out how fast the program is reversing your biological age. For example, someone asked me: “Dr. Chein, you started your program in 1990. When did you achieve the biological age of 33? Now, after 22 years? Or 5 years ago? Or 10 years ago?” Unfortunately, I do not know. I cannot answer that because the test was not scientifically and commercially available until 2011. However, from now on, I can find out if I grow younger each year, thereby achieving a biological age of 23 sometime in the future, or if I am now aging at a very slow rate, like one biological year in every 4-5 actual years, thereby becoming biologically 43 years old at some point in the future.

These are just some examples of the value of the test.

Someone also asked me: “Is there evidence that some of the nutritional supplements that you require us to take for the rest of our lives, besides HGH, also lengthen our telomeres?”

The answer is YES.

The nutrients that lengthen telomeres and their references (updated to 2010) are as follows:

Vitamin B12 and Folate lengthen telomeres. Cattaneo, J of Nutrition, 2009, 139, p 1273-8. Xu, Am J of Clinical Nutrition, 2009, 89, p 1857-63.

Nicotinamide (Vitamin B3). Kang, Aging Cell, 2006, 5, p 423-36.

Vitamin D. Richards, Am J of Clinical Nutrition, 2007, 86, p 1420-25.

Vitamin C and Vitamin E. Furumoto, Life Science, 1998, 63, p 935-948.  Yokoo, J of Cell Biochemistry, 2004, 93, p 588-597. Tanaka, J of Cell Biochemistry, 2007, 102, p 689-703.

Magnesium. Xu, Am J of Clinical Nutrition, 2009, 89, p 1853-63.

Zinc. Nemoto, Biochem.Pharmacology, 2000, 59, p 401-5.

Omega-3 fatty acid. Farzaneh-Far, JAMA, 2010, 303, p 250-7.

I hope this letter has answered your questions about the telomere length test.
Best in Health and Longevity,

Edmund Chein, M.D., J.D.



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